Stringy Moss


Golf ball size portion.

Homegrown.  Easy moss that’s similar to Java Moss but grows even denser and faster!  It’s great for shrimp or fry!  Can tie or glue to hardscape or just let sink to the bottom.



3 reviews for Stringy Moss

  1. Rena (verified owner)

    This stuff grows insanely fast. I tied it to some rocks with cotton thread, and it’s already overtaken the thread, no co2. It’s just a dense carpet. I’ve trimmed some to place in another tank for a “dry” start on some lava rocks. Maybe I should time it this time?

  2. Pamela A (verified owner)

    This stuff is beautiful and bright green. I love it! Picture doesn’t do it justice.

  3. Xeltron (verified owner)

    The string moss was phenomenal, It arrived well packaged and on time. No determination or anything. Can’t wait to see how this grows in my tank, I’m hoping it will cover the wood I’ve glued it too

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