About Us

Fish, Shrimp and Plant Specialist.

Who is Daku Aquatics?

Hey guys, Daku here!  I am a shrimp and fish breeder down here in South Florida with a focus on freshwater shrimp, fish, and plants.  All my stock is homebred here in my fish room.  I also grow and provide a wide variety of aquatic plants, some of which are sourced locally from an aquatic plant nursery, and my Bucephalandra is imported directly from farms in Indonesia! 

I have been in this hobby for a while and work hard to provide the highest quality livestock and plants you can buy!  I started out with an interest in shrimp and have spent the last few years working on my various lines of homebred Neocaridina and Caridina shrimp.  Naturally, plants are a must when it comes to shrimp – so I also spend a considerable amount of effort growing and providing a wide variety of easy to care for plants and moss that go great with shrimp (and fish too)!

I love this hobby and community and am dedicated to making sure each one of my customers is satisfied with their every need!

Why Choose Us

I take care in providing the highest quality shrimp, fish, and plants money can buy. I am a dedicated home breeder that is committed to this hobby and all the people who participate in it!

  • Homebred Shrimp

    All shrimp are homebred and of the highest quality available.

  • Homebred Fish

    All my fish species are homebred, healthy, and disease free.

  • High Quality Plants

    My plant selection is carefully curated for your success!

  • Fast Shipping

    Attention, care, and pride in my shipping practices.

  • Easy Communication

    I am available day or night to answer any questions.

  • Personal Touch

    This hobby is my passion, and it shows in every order!