Rotala Indica


10-15 stems per order.

Submerged grown.  Easy beginner stem plant – plant directly in substrate.  Nice pink hue under medium to high light.  Can grow in low light too!  Great at reducing nitrates produced by your tank’s inhabitants.


1 review for Rotala Indica

  1. Sophie (verified owner)

    Love this plant! Daku aquatics sent me LOTS of stems, enough I was able to not only plant my first aqua scape but to add the extra stems to 2 other tanks! So I was able to plant 3 tanks with rotala indica! I gave it some time to get established and was worried about one of my nano tanks I stuck it in but it’s thriving in all 3 tanks of varying sizes ph and temperatures! This might be my new fav plant for lush jungle scapes! And it’s just so versatile and beautiful! You can’t go wrong with this plant! Perfect for a beginner like me 🙂

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