Pearl Galaxy Medaka Ricefish


These are my homebred Pearl Galaxy Medaka Ricefish.  I breed and raise these indoors and outdoors in a temp range of 50F to 95F degrees.  They are extremely hardy and do well in virtually all conditions I’ve kept and bred them in.

They community spawn by depositing their eggs on plants or floaters in the aquarium.  They are great in patio ponds and fish tanks alike!

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3 reviews for Pearl Galaxy Medaka Ricefish

  1. Julia (verified owner)

    Amazing fish! I was not expecting them to be so young and small and did loose some to my other pond mosquito fish but they are absolutely stunning and healthy ♡

  2. Elizabeth Schmuck

    They all survived, even the extra, with the unexpected horrible weather. They were all babies but other than that they looked just like the photos when they grew up.

  3. Elizabeth Schmuck

    They were very young but even with the horrible weather and delays, all of them survived.

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