5 stems per order.

Easy beginner plant, can float or anchor in substrate.  Great at reducing nitrates produced by your tank’s inhabitants.


4 reviews for Hornwort

  1. Rose (verified owner)

    This Hornwort is incredible! My shrimp love to play in it and it eats nitrates like crazy, keeping my tank nicer between water changes. The brilliant green is also a lovely addition to the tank, it’s gorgeous.

  2. Parker

    Very generous portion, and had almost zero brown in it. The portion was so big I could barely hold it in two hands! Only maybe a pea sized speck of brown. Fantastic!

  3. Rena (verified owner)

    Very fast growing. Needed to trim it in the main tank, placed a few 4” cuttings in a 5.5 gal. A few days later, it’s touching the surface. Now I have a clump of it in a .8 gal on a windowsill with some snails, and it’s taken up the whole space. Great for walstad!

  4. Jay (verified owner)

    Amazing looking and healthy plants. Quick shipping as well. Best plants I’ve ordered online from any vendor.

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