Guppy Grass


10-15 stems per order.

Homegrown.  Easy beginner plant, can float or anchor in substrate.  Great at reducing nitrates produced by your tank’s inhabitants.

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2 reviews for Guppy Grass

  1. Amaya Cook (verified owner)

    Guppy grass arrived in a wet plastic bag with a large amount of guppy grass. Takes up about 1/3 of my 10 gal (20 inches long)

    Took about 2-3 days to arrive w/ regular shipping, Guppy grass was very brown and dull, once I put it in my tank it was hard to get it to float. No matter if I kept it as a large ball or small strands, or put it in an area with low water movement or high movement.

    Kept sinking so I had to hang a strand on my light that sits on my tank. There were lots of roots and some strands were still green.

    tldr: About 5 days later + liquid fertilizer it colored up, grew lots of roots and I love it. Would order again.

  2. Sophie (verified owner)

    I received a sandwich baggy stuffed full of guppy grass! It was a lot more than I expected! As soon as I put it in my tank it exploded! I absolutely love how easy it is to take care of this plant and it makes my chili rasboras super happy! I also think it’s a gorgeous plant and love how it’s fills in any empty spaces I had in my tank! My fish are much happier having some coverage while still being able to swim freely!

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