Green Jade Neocaridina Shrimp

These are my home-bred Green Jade Neocaridina shrimp.

My Neocaridina tank parameters are:

Temp 73 – 78 | PH 6.5 – 7.0 | TDS 250-350 | GH 8-12 | KH 3-5

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  1. Theo (verified owner)

    They really are green! Buying these shrimp I was warned from other hobbyists about trying to purchase the green jades, since often instead of ‘green’ shrimp your sold low quality blues. And when I first opened up the package they did look more blue than green- but after a few hours of acclimating they colored up, and they really do look like what you see in the pictures. The shrimp you receive are tiny so it’s hard to accurately gauge how they’ll look as they grow, but even though the shrimp I got were of varying qualities, I’m not seeing any that didn’t turn out as green jades. As a beginner is was great to have this color priced the same as the rest of the shrimp on this store, when on other online stores the green jades are sold as much more expensive than blues/cherries. Very happy to have these shrimp and they’re doing great in my tank.

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