Cameroon Moss


10 1-2″ fronds per portion.

Homegrown.  RARE and Easy moss – great for shrimp!  Can tie to hardscape or just let sink to the bottom.  I love making moss logs with this stuff!


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2 reviews for Cameroon Moss

  1. Chaeli C.

    Such a cool moss, I was so excited to unpack it! The portion size is a bit bigger than what you’d get in a tissue culture cup and for a better price, too. Packed with plenty of padding, healthy & free of algae and pests. I can’t wait to see it grow!

  2. Sophie (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite moss! It’ adds interest to my tank, is perfect for my shrimplets to hide in and has been growing in all my tanks of varying temps, lighting and ph!
    The moss I ordered arrived in amazing condition and has thrived in all my tanks! I plan on ordering more when I set up my next planted tank! I’d highly recommend this moss especially from Daku aquatics! Everything I’ve ordered from here has been seriously amazing and above and beyond my expectations!

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